Version 2 - Dataset Dictionaries

NEMSIS Version 2.2.1 Data Dictionary

A dictionaryThe NEMSIS NHTSA Version 2.2.1 DataDictionary provides
over 400 definitions that
can be implemented by an EMS system.

National data elements are defined that should be collected for the National EMS Database, but additional data elements should be considered for use at the state and local levels depending on each state or local EMS system's need.

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Data Dictionary subject to minor changes for last revision see Appendix A


Dictionary Contents

The Data Dictionary has over 400 elements split into two datasets. Information provided in the dictionary includes the following:

  • Name of the data element
  • Definition of the data element
  • Data type of the data element (many data elements have comments provided to assist in the implementation of a database schema and the NHTSA Version 2 XML standard)
  • How to deal with missing or incomplete information
  • The variables associated with each data element
  • Whether the data element is part of the data elements to be collected in the National EMS Database (NDB)
  • Whether the data element is part of the medical record information (patient care report) or is a quality management data element to be used internally by the EMS system and protected by peer review.
  • What reports are possible through the use of the data element
  • Who is responsible for collecting the data element
  • How the data element is related to other national data tools such as NHTSA Version 1, NFIRS, and Utstein.